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I was 7 years old when i shoot my first photo.

My father (on the right in the pic) was passionate about photography and i have a lot of photos, from when i was born till when i was 12, thanks to him.
He didn’t only taught to me how to use the camera but, mostly, he transmitted to me his love for life and his passion in everything that he was doing .

So, in my DNA, and in my behaviors, there is all that he taught to me about his love to the life.

I bought my first professional film camera when i was 17. I invested my first two salaries to buy my Canon AE1.
No photography school. No one taught me about the art of photography. Step by step, i learn how to use the camera and i got some technique skill.

But what usually i say to my friends and to some of my “students” is: “A good camera and, mostly, a good lens can help you a lot to get some nice shoot. Some technique can be helpfull too (even if it will be enough to study for 3 hours and then practice). BUT if you don’t have “EYES” to catch the moment and “SOUL” to give at that moment some meanings, the best and the most expensive equipment in the world will be totally useless”.